What Is Transactional E-Mail?

What Is Transactional E-Mail?

Transactional Email

Transactional emails are messages that businesses use to communicate information to customers. Transactional email is triggered by events and interaction with a website and service.

These emails are primarily functional and provide an anticipated response. It is generated by a user on a website. It facilitates an agreed-upon transaction existing between the sender and the recipient.

Transaction emails are messages that a user wants from the company for regular updates and information related to transaction services. The transactional message involves a high response rate and bulk mails.

Transactional email is a type of automated email that communicates between a service provider who sends information and an information receiver.


 Why Use Transactional Email Service?


#1 Build good brand value

Transactional mail help to build good brand value in customer because of different messages of order, shipping, bill, and details create a brand image in customer mind which lead to buying decision of customers.

#2 Increase sale

When customers saw ads for similar products or related products that can incite a desire to purchase more goods. Customers might also elect to browse the company website again, Creating mental wish lists for future purchases.

#3 Customer focus

When the customer sees emails and messages by the service provider it can help to attract them for other services and products. Because of this, the customer goes for more details and information and increases the brand focus of customers.

#4 Build trust

When a company provides all information to the customer for every action and transaction that helps customers to feel safe. So it helps to build the good brand value of the company.


What Make Transactional Emails Effective?


#1 Use the attractive subject line

Use the subject line to attract users to open emails because most people view emails by reading the subject line.

#2 Show full details

Show details about products, services or price cuts in order to gain a sale or prospect. By this customers can easily gain information about the company.

#3 generic promotional content

That offers one customer the same sales and product recommendation as every other customer.

#4 Use email for marketing

Use your transactional email for the marketing of your other product and services. So that can help to bust the sale of your business.



Types Of Transactional Emails



#1 Account Creation Mail:

 This type of mails is used to send the notification mail regarding the account creation and they carry some information regarding the account.



#2 Password Reset Mail:

This is one of the most common types of Transactional mail. One can also reset the password by this mail.



#3 Notification Mail: 

These emails are sent to the user for the update to a website. It keeps the customer up to date regarding their website.



#4 Welcome Mail: 

It must be simple and attractive and also carry some important detail regarding the site.



#5 Receipt Mail:

Every customer expects purchase receipt or invoice from any online vendor they purchase from. This mail includes the receipt of the purchased product. This helps to create customer trust.



#6 Invitation Mail: 

Emails sent by an application to invite a user to create an account or join a team are also transactional emails.



#7 Expire Mail: 

This mail carries the message related to the expiration of the task.



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