What is an Email Marketing API ( Application Programming Interface ) ?

What is an Email Marketing API ( Application Programming Interface ) ?

When you are building a software application that need to send emails, an automated performance report, an eCommerce site that sends transactional messages to customers. Use of an email marketing API is very essential.

Email is one of the most effective and direct form of communication in businesses. It is to get in touch with their customers. Email marketing service providers like, migomail, mailcot. Many platforms are right hand of business for being able to send bulk emails to large groups and being able to know the whole metrics of emails.

What is an API ?

  • API stand for ” Application Programming Interface” . In other words, it simply refers to number of methods by which the developers can access the different functionalities or areas of a software application using code.
  • It is basically a support to access to the functionality available in email platform. For instance, generating and sending transactional emails, manipulating templates, and enabling access to email metrics.

Email API

  • While many applications use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) support for sending and managing emails. But developers can leverage an email platform’s APIs to get programming access to basic email sending . Similarly there are some  other additional capabilities which are not offered by legacy protocols.
  • An email API is a modern method  to access many kind of metrics.
  • For instance, number of  messages delivered, rejected by ISP ( Internet Service Providers) and the reason behind this. In addition, exact number of recipients opened a message and click on its link. These all are accessible.

Importance of API 

API,s or Application Programming Interface, are important tools for businesses in every industry. The importance of API’s from a technical viewpoint is that :-
  • It allows capability of one computer program to use with other.
  • It is a means through which two different programs are able to communicate with each other.
  • Enables companies to grow their business more quickly.
  • Like the web, which opened up the internet’s potential, API’s are driving a new trend of innovation centered on sharing services.


The main reason that it matters in today’s modern market is that it allows faster innovation, reduces barriers to change .In addition, more people can contribute to organization’s success. They offer benefits company can create better products and they make modernization easier. Having a presence on more platforms means that companies can sell more ad space.

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