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Top Reasons Why Visitors are Leaving Your Website

Today, having a website is one of the greatest ways to earn money online, from the website sell your product or service easily to the customer. A well-designed WebPage/Website, which is frequently updated and filled with a captivating news-feed, dramatically enhances the possibility of website success. Top Reasons Why Visitors are Leaving Your Website that in a very simple way you know.

However, if you work hard on your website, sometimes it does not save you from making mistakes and moving away from potential visitors. This means that even the smallest mistakes in making or updating your website can potentially remove visitors.

Therefore, owners of the website often have to face less traffic and loss of interest.

Why do visitors leave your website?

There’s a simple analogy to this. Inviting visitors to your website is like throwing a party. It’s not enough that you buy chips and a dozen bottles of sodas and hope for a great party. You need to take the effort and make the party worth going to. So in the technical way visitors come to the website and if not, find tan interesting things then leave like a party.

The average time spent on a website is 58 seconds! But this need not be the case with your website. Hence, by making use of some best practices you can increase this to a large extent. But first, you need to understand why visitors bounce from your website in the first place. Then read this post at the last.trs are in hurry to leave your website:

1. Outdated Website Design or Not Responsive-

As a human, we want something that we can see and as it has been said that the first impression is a final concept, so being a good and attractive design of the website is very helpful in keeping the user busy because the design has many meanings keeps. Users must be friendly, Website logo, email address details, contact details should all be in the right place on the website. Therefore, an old designer an old fashioned design can frustrate users and it becomes an issue for users to leave your website. Because of the outdated Website design visitors leaving your site.

2. Mobile Friendly-

With mobile browsing being more common now than desktop Also, this is one of the ways that your websites should work on mobile devices. Hence, check your site as much as possible on mobile devices and browsers, because if this does not work, the visitors will not stay for a long time. If the site is not mobile friendly then check the status in the Google Search Console.

3. An Issue with Content-

Other than website design other issues come with website content. Therefore, font style, font color, background texts, and all these things matter. Also, it determines how efficiently and easily as you can read and understand the content of your website. If someone is going to your website, then he should be able to tell people about your website within seconds. Finally, if the content is not good then visitors Leaving your website.

4. Choose Old Technology-

If you use older technology such as Flash, many visitors will not be able to see your website. Hence, there is nothing to look for; there is no reason to be there. So use technology.

5. Lack of Responsiveness-

A responsive website is one that allows the website to customize the screen size that it is being viewed. If you are opening a website on smart mobile phones, then it should be shown as if the person is opening it on a desktop or laptop.

Therefore, there is lack of accountability in the design of the website, while opening it at different screen resolutions Also, it will not be shown the same and people will be irritated with the non-responsive designs and unfortunately, it makes it leave your website.

6. Loading Speed Issue- 

If we are talking about website performance, then it depends on the loading time of the website. So when it comes to website performance, load time matters.

Here are some statistics reports:

  • 48% of people expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.
  • 40% of visitors leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • If 1 second delay (late) in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

7. Broken or Misplaced Links-

An effective way to tie your customers is to make some promise and not have to fulfill it. When clicking the link, one of the users’ original expectations is to follow. On each click, they are following a path, are expected to reach the right place. Hence, Broken or incorrect links promise a way for the customers but fail to deliver. Internal search error pages do the same to disturb and annoy users. If more of the broken links then visitors leaving your website.

A normal 404 page leaves visitors thinking that what to do next because it does not give users any solutions to help find the desired product or information.

8. Too many Ads and Pop-ups-

Many advertisements on your website will have a bad effect on visitors and it irritates them. According to the general rule, ads should not be the first thing you see on your website. Therefore, it is important not to use a limited number of pairs on the website, and keep in mind the places where these pairs are displayed. Advertisements should not take more than your site’s real estate and then its actual content.

9. Outdated Plugins-

Does your website have flash files? If the answer is “yes”, then it is time that you remove them. This is annoying for most people to update this plugin continuously. Even the YouTube Flash Object embeds has stopped using. Use Hypertext Markup Language Revision 5 (HTML5) for your animation and video and make sure to include a transcript and summary. And be sure to turn off auto-play. It can be annoying.

10. Navigational Structure is Ambiguous-

Badly designed navigational structure disappoints website visitors to find specific information on your website. Navigation should be straightforward, and descriptive. Few of the visitors leaving your website because of the bad navigational structure.

11. Lack of Call to Action

A website without any type of content that invites users to take immediate action in favor of online business will not allow users to stay. Therefore, plain content will not add business value to the business and will allow users to make purchases. So, these situations keep potential users or buyers away from the website.

12. Inactive Blog-

As known, a blog is the most important way to inform visitors about the products or services available on the website in an informal way. But, long-running blogs will not update visitors essential information, and it will not allow them to go back. If the blog is not interesting and bad writing or a blog copied, viewers do not read blogs.

13. Auto-Play Audio & Video-

Just think about it for a moment – have you ever left a site because you were angry with music or video? I certainly have People want to decide for themselves what time they want to watch or what audio they want to watch or listen to the audio. At the end of the day, it’s just super annoying. So if you set your video to auto-play, it closes. Your visitor will thank you for this.

14. Lack of Customer Reviews-

Online customers like others’ opinions and want to see what people are saying about your product or services. By not including the Customer Review element on your application, you may see something hiding. Therefore Using the Customer Review section will show that the organization is transparent and reliable. This gives you a chance to brag about your products and services. If people love you, why do not you share it?

Here are some of other top reasons why visitors are in hurry to leaving your website:

  • Content is difficult to read
  • Not using exit intent technology
  • The information of the products and services is not clear
  • Your registration requirements are obtrusive
  • Your site be hacked


Want to find out if your websites are confusing and stressing your visitors? You need to make sure that you have taken into account all those factors which can bounce visitors. Top Reasons Why Visitors are Leaving Your Website that you know then make small changes and continually monitor your analytics. Also, analyze the effectiveness of your websites with tools. Hence, make sure your website is mobile-friendly, latest web structure, etc…

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