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A  platform that divides the market in sub group of people with their similar needs.

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Types of Segmentation


It is one of the simplest form of segmentation. In this segmentation marketer can segment the people according to the geographical criteria such as  nations,states,countries,cities and neighborhoods. Geographic representation always represents group of data according to geographic boundary.It is also used to draft personalized marketing campaigns.


This segmentation plays a dicisive role in segmenting because this segmentation describes the human characteristics of consumers.In this process consumers divides on the basis of their self-respect, attitude, personality, values, morals, self-interests. Psychographic segmentation is more subjective then demographic segmentation.


In this segmentation marketer recognize the group of customers on the basis of demographic criteria such as age , religion , number of family members , family income, status , education , etc.This segmentation always represents group of data in a analytical  manner.Demographic segmentation used almost in every industry like mobile phones ,apparels,automobiles,etc.


While demographic and psychographic focuses on the identity of a customer behavioral segmentation focuses on how the customers act .In this Marketing manager divides or classifies group of customers on the basis on their habits such as purchasing and spending habits.Behavioral Segmentation mainly focuses on Brand Loyalty , Usage rate and loyalty status.

Segmentation Benefits!!!

Best opportunities for growth.


Target Marketing Communications


 Enhanced profit for business


Better customization of consumer needs


  • Gain Knowledge for Market Segmentation

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Frequently asked questions

A segmentation is an activity which divides broad consumer or market consists existing and potential customers,  into a sub-group of segments based on their similar interests.

Edges of segmenting consumer markets are divided in two categories Analytical edge which consists of Geographic and psychographics needs and Behavioral Edge which  consists of consumer alertness and the purchase wise situation.

Segmentation is based on Four Levels:-

  • 1. Single level Segmentation         2.  Multi Level Segmentation
  • 3. Micro Level Segmentation        4.  Solution Based Segmentation

Because Migomail provides the best and reliable segmentation services at affordable and effective pricing.

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