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Retarget Marketing

Let the new comers get to know about  your platform.

Retarget Marketing

 Keep your  brand in front of your potential customers


Search Retargeting


Site Retargeting


SEM/SEO Retargeting


Email Retargeting


Contextual Retargeting


Engagement Retargeting

Retargeting v/s Remarketing

Re-targeting focuses on pulling in new customers or audiences via advertisements placed in social media, email or other platforms.Thus Retargeting  is mostly used to describe ads.. that are shown to visit who came to your website.

Migomail uses an online advertising technique that can you keep your product in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website.

It also allows you to target specific visitors with particular advertisement with the goal of convincing them to convert for your offer that you are offering for your product.

While remarketing and retargeting share similarities with each other, difference is that retargeting often allows you to reach new proposals with your advertisement while remarketing often focuses on re-arranging inactive existing customers.

In other words ,to connect with people who previously interacted with our website or mobile application remarketing is used.

It allows us to positioned our ads. strategically in front of the audiences  and customers when they are browsing to our website, it helping us to increase our brand awareness or remind those audience to make purchase.

Our Trustable Clients

We don’t push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what you want

Our trusted clients for Retarget Marketing
Retarget Marketing Clients
Retarget Marketing Clients
Retarget Marketing Clients
Retarget Marketing Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Migomail ?

Because Migomail focuses on pulling new audiences or customers via advertisements placed on social media  on very effective and affordable pricing

What’s the role of cookies in Retargeting? 

Cookies plays a vital role in retarget marketing because if an user disables cookies so it cannot be tracked  using retargeting for proper tracking it is necessary to enables cookies for an user.In addition, if an user subsequently erased their cookies , will no longer be tracked , unless they again visit to our website.

Is Retargeting specific to user’s interests?

Suppose if you have a retail outlet and if someone visited your outlet looking for shirts , but you retargeting him to promoting shoes, it might be effortless.

How large should my list to start campaign ?

While there is no minimum count for an audience list.Thus Migomail generally recommend a list of at least 800-1000 people to begin a symbolic activity regarding Retargeting. Therefore, If you have a less organic traffic you have to use a strategy to increase traffic by using other campaign types.

Migomail Contact Support

Questions? Comments?

Whether you need help or just want some tips on where to start: hit up our experts anytime.

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