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How To Deliver Emails In Inbox

How To Deliver Emails In Inbox

Hello Friends, as there are several things, after improving get mails directly delivered to inbox folder instead of spam folder. Yes, we are going to be discuss few of them which is possible with HemsMail Services while sending mails. Each bulk email services seekers wants to get delivered their mails directly to the inbox folder instead of spam or junk folder. Thus, we are now here to sharing with you “How to Send Mails directly in Inbox”. Here we are suggesting some tips i.e. helps you to sent mail directly in Inbox. Below are some tips that you can do which improves your deliverability. 

How To Deliver Emails In Inbox
How To Deliver Emails In Inbox

1) Sender Address – 

 First of all, You have to be avoid using web-based email address (Gmail, Hotmail, etc) for your sender addresses.
Instead of using free domain, you must use custom domain email address that is linked to your website. You will then be able to setup DKIM & SPF, which will allow for email authentication by the recipient servers.
Ensure your website is active and running smoothly as well. Sending email from an address that is linked to an inactive or blank website will make ISPs suspicious.

2) Contact Lists –

Do not purchase, borrow or copy any third party contact lists. As third party contacts list was already stored in public emails. As Not only do these types of lists typically contain many spam traps and poor quality email addresses, it is against our policies. (A spam trap is an email address that is not used for communication and it should never receive emails; if it does receive email, then it is considered to be spam.)
 Create own good quality contact lists by collect email addresses via an email subscription form from your website. A double opt-in process is recommended to eliminate mis-typed or fake email addresses.
Regularly update and clean your contact lists. Monitor your mailing results, and remove older non-engaging or blocked email addresses. Focus on the people who are most interested in your newsletters.

3) Emails Contents :

Do not use ALL CAPITALIZED WORDS in your subject line or body.
Avoid using spammy type words (‘Free’, ‘Sale’, ‘Cash’, ‘Limited Time Offer’, etc).
Keep your subject line between 35 to 50 characters long. The longer your subject line, the more likely it will be flagged as spam.
Send content that your subscribers have signed up for and are expecting. If you send non-relevant content, your subscribers may mark you as a spammer. And the more people that open your newsletters, the better your reputation.
Send your newsletters consistently.

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