Email Service Providers ( ESP )

Email Service Providers ( ESP )

email service providers

What Is An Email Service Provider (ESP) ?

Email Service Provider is a company that offers email service because email services come in shape and sizes. It helps us to send email marketing messages by offering an email marketing platform or email tool. Many companies offer the software as self-service. So, we can send, create the emails by our-self without help.

Services servicesOffered By ESP’s

  • Ability to create templates for sending to contacts or use pre-made templates.
  • It provides a send engine, which allow users to distribute their messages to the subscribers.
  • A subscriber list is uploaded by user for distributing messages. Enhanced with custom fields to hold additional information subscriber.
  • Statistical reviews of each email is send for measuring the success rate of campaigns.
  • We can send both HTML and plain text formats to improve delivery success rates.
  • It provides the ability to customize content of emails.

Why Use An Email Service Provider ?

Sending out emails

Most services allow us to send unlimited emails. However, we should use plan according to our requirement.

Follow with regulations

Allowing email recipients to “unsubscribe” from list. It helps us to avoid being reported as spam by automatically sending emails to bounces, blocked mail boxes, spam reporters etc. In addition, it actually gives us better chance of getting subscribers inboxes through email services established reputation as a sender.


Generating reports on email deliverability, open-rates and click-through. To see working of messages and even enabling split-testing of one message to another.

Offer load of advance features

It includes sign-up forms, scheduled sending, automated message sequences, tagging and segmenting audience to target with different messages. Therefore, using fancy templates to look our emails great.


How To Choose An Email Service?


An email service working will only depend upon what outcome we want out of a service. For instance, having a free or low monthly rate may be more important then we are just starting out. Whereas, trigger-based auto responders based on subscriber activity, will be useful to convert subscribers to become paying customers.  And, done with an email sales funnel.

In other words, it is an easy trap to fall is to start looking at email service providers before analyzing our own needs and priorities.We can quickly become overwhelmed by different types of choices and features that are not necessary or even useful for us.

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