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Integrate your website with Migomail

With the Migomail API, you can integrate your existing website

easier than ever before.

Our Email API's Features




Fast implementation


Cost Savings at scale


Service Reliability


High Deliverability


Deep personalization (contextual APIs)

Our Trusted Clienteles

“Instead of focusing on the competition, we focus on

our trustable clients .”

Our trusted clients for Retarget Marketing
Retarget Marketing Clients
Retarget Marketing Clients
Retarget Marketing Clients
Retarget Marketing Clients

Let Us Help You Grow

We never compromise on the pillars of our service

24/7 Expert Support

Have complete peace of mind! Our Ever Ready Support Team is always active, no matter what day of the year.

Knowledge Base

A comprehensive information hub that helps you with anything related to the platform and services.

User Friendly

Our team uses the easiest infrastructure for segmenting so that it can super easy to use.

Frequently asked questions

Because Migomail provides the best and reliable API’s services at effective and  affordable prices.

In short API stands for (Application Programming Interface).It is an interface between different parts of a computer program to simplify the implementation and maintenance of software.

The main difference is that All the web services are API’s but not all API’s are Web services.A web services uses only three styles while API may be exposed in various ways.

An API key is a unique code that is passed in to an API for identifying the application or a user .And it is also used to track control to prevent malicious use.

Migomail Contact Support

Questions? Comments?

Whether you need help or just want some tips on where to start: hit up our experts anytime.

Effective Pricing

Plan Subscriber Limit Sending Limit Monthly Plan Anually Plan  
Free upto 100 Unlimited* $ 0.00 $ 0.00 Demo Now
Plan-1 Up to 500 Unlimited* $ 10.00 $ 90.00 Order Now
Plan-2 Up to 1,000 Unlimited* $ 15.00 $ 135.00 Order Now
Plan-3 Up to 2,500 Unlimited* $ 19.00 $ 171.00 Order Now
Plan-4 Up to 5,000 Unlimited* $ 34.00 $ 300.00 Order Now
Plan-5 Up to 10,000 Unlimited* $ 54.00 $ 486.00 Order Now

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