What Is Transactional E-Mail?

Transactional Email

Transactional emails are messages that business use to communicate information to customers. Transactional email is triggered by events and interaction with a website and service.

These emails are primarily functional and provide an anticipated response. It is generated by a user on a website. It facilitates an agreed-upon transaction existing between the sender and the recipient.

Transaction emails are messages that a user want from company for regular updates and information related to transaction services. Transactional message involve high response rate and bulk mails.

Transactional email is a type of automated email which communicates between a service provider who send information and an information receiver.


 Why Use Transactional Email Service?


Build good brand value

Transactional mail help to build good brand value in customer because of different messages of order, shipping, bill and details create a brand image in customer mind which lead to buying decision of customers.

Increase sale

When customers seen ads for similar products or related products that can incite a desire to purchase more goods. Customers might also elect to browse the company website again, Creating mental wish lists for future purchases.

Customer focus

When customer see emails and messages by service provider it can help to attract them for other services and product. Because of this, customer goes for more details and information’s and increase brand focus of customers.

Build trust

When a company provides all information to customer for every action and transaction that helps customers to feel safe. So it helps to build good brand value of company.


What Make Transactional Emails Effective?


  • Use attractive subject line

Use subject line to attract users to open emails, because most of people view emails by reading subject line. So use subject line.

  • Show full details

Show details about products, services or price cuts in order to gain a sale or prospect. By this customer can easily gain information about company.

  • generic promotional content

That offers one customer the same sales and product recommendation as every other customer.

Use your transactional email for marketing of your other product and services. So that can help to bust the sale of your business.



Types Of Transactional Emails



  • Account Creation Mail:

 This type of mails is used to send the notification mail regarding to the account creation and they carries some information regarding to account.



  • Password Reset Mail:

This is one of the most common types of Transactional mail. One can also reset the password by this mail.



  • Notification Mail: 

These mails are send to the user for the update to a website. It keeps the customer up to date regarding to their website.



  • Welcome Mail: 

It must be simple and attractive and also carry some important detail regarding to the site.



Receipt Mail:

Every customer expect purchase receipt or invoice from any online vendor they purchase from. This mail includes the receipt of purchased product. This help to create customer trust.



  • Invitation Mail: 

Emails sent by an application to invite a user to create an account or join a team are also transactional email.



  • Expire Mail: 

This mail carry the message related to the expiration of task.



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SMTP Server and it’s advantages

SMTP Server
SMTP Server

Simple mail transfer portal is an application which is use to send, receive, and relay mail between mail sender and receiver.

SMTP server is a server or collection of servers whose sole purpose is to send and receive messages in the form of emails. It is built just like any other server – it’s the function of an SMTP server that sets it apart. SMTP servers will also have their own dedicated address or set of addresses that will be determined by the client using the server.

Uses of SMTP server

  • To send email so it only work for outgoing emails
  • Communication between servers
  • Without SMTP server your email would’t make it to its destination.
  • SMTP versifiers that the out going email is for an active account
  • Its send email back to sender if it can’t be deliver.

SMTP commands

  • Mail command

use to establish the return address for the SMTP services.

  • RCPT command

To recipient of the message this command can be issue more the one time. So this are the multi-pal command.

  • Data

It’s include content of the message. So its deal with the data or body of a mail what type of information a mail consider for providing information.

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Advantages of SMTP server

  • Easy to use

It’s provide easy communication between business and customer by using different network and tools.

  • Long reach

It can easily target audience according to the need of your business and consider long area coverage for your email services.

  • Low cost

Because it is not much expensive new business and startup go through SMTP services for their email services.

  • Tracking email

In email marketing it is important to track your email for a good response so it is possible because of the SMTP server. Using this help you to know success of your email marketing one of the advantages of SMTP server.

  • Bulk mailing

Bulk mailing is possible through the SMTP server to send customer email and newsletter in bulk which is cost effective also.


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Uses of email marketing


Uses Of Email Marketing
Uses Of Email Marketing

Uses of the email marketing according to the need of the business. Most of email marketing tools use by the  business to attract the new customer and connecting with the existing customer to increase the number of client.

Business use email marketing tool because it is less expensive  and people use email service more then other social media service which help to be connected with the  customer all time.

New and small business more use email marketing to reach the target customer because it’s required less time then the others.

Why use email marketing?

Generate call 

Uses of email marketing To target right customer at right time with right offer result in flood calls each time  they hit same.

Strengthen relationship

If a business want a good relationship with the customer. It is important to do good communication with the customer. So it help to connect with the customer and help  to create good relationship with them. In other word it’s create communication with customer.

Improve communication

Improve communication required good connection with the customer. It’s related to the business product and services. That a business provide it’s lead to create right  impact on the customer.

Build brand

E mail marketing, you can strengthen brand recognition with anew potential clients and extend your reach.

Bust sale

By reaching the larger people at a time and building communication with the customers it’s lead to target sale in higher amount. It’s based on the content you follow to target the customer in a time.

Get start quickly

To get start quickly with the low market network and low budget of marketing e mail marketing is the most effective marketing tool. It’s help to reach the target customer in short time period.

Reach on any device

By using email a business can reach people on any device. That help mobile friendly email to connect with the people any time. Customer can also give message and feedback on it so it can help to development of service also.