What Is Transactional E-Mail?

Transactional Email

Transactional emails are messages that businesses use to communicate information to customers. Transactional email is triggered by events and interaction with a website and service.

These emails are primarily functional and provide an anticipated response. It is generated by a user on a website. It facilitates an agreed-upon transaction existing between the sender and the recipient.

Transaction emails are messages that a user wants from the company for regular updates and information related to transaction services. The transactional message involves a high response rate and bulk mails.

Transactional email is a type of automated email that communicates between a service provider who sends information and an information receiver.


 Why Use Transactional Email Service?


Build good brand value

Transactional mail help to build good brand value in customer because of different messages of order, shipping, bill, and details create a brand image in customer mind which lead to buying decision of customers.

Increase sale

When customers saw ads for similar products or related products that can incite a desire to purchase more goods. Customers might also elect to browse the company website again, Creating mental wish lists for future purchases.

Customer focus

When the customer sees emails and messages by the service provider it can help to attract them for other services and products. Because of this, the customer goes for more details and information and increases the brand focus of customers.

Build trust

When a company provides all information to the customer for every action and transaction that helps customers to feel safe. So it helps to build the good brand value of the company.


What Make Transactional Emails Effective?


  • Use the attractive subject line

Use the subject line to attract users to open emails because most people view emails by reading the subject line.

  • Show full details

Show details about products, services or price cuts in order to gain a sale or prospect. By this customers can easily gain information about the company.

  • generic promotional content

That offers one customer the same sales and product recommendation as every other customer.

Use your transactional email for the marketing of your other product and services. So that can help to bust the sale of your business.



Types Of Transactional Emails



  • Account Creation Mail:

 This type of mails is used to send the notification mail regarding the account creation and they carry some information regarding the account.



  • Password Reset Mail:

This is one of the most common types of Transactional mail. One can also reset the password by this mail.



  • Notification Mail: 

These emails are sent to the user for the update to a website. It keeps the customer up to date regarding their website.



  • Welcome Mail: 

It must be simple and attractive and also carry some important detail regarding the site.



Receipt Mail:

Every customer expects purchase receipt or invoice from any online vendor they purchase from. This mail includes the receipt of the purchased product. This helps to create customer trust.



  • Invitation Mail: 

Emails sent by an application to invite a user to create an account or join a team are also transactional emails.



  • Expire Mail: 

This mail carries the message related to the expiration of the task.



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What is web hosting services and it’s types?

What is web hosting services and it’s types?


A Web Hosting Service is a type of service which allows an individual or organisation to post a website or page to the internet server.

Websites are hosted, or stored in different computer called servers.

In other words, web hosting services allows you to make your website accessible to World Wide Web.

Web hosts provide space on server, which is leased to the user for its uses.

Whenever a Internet user wants to visit your site, all they need to do is to type your website address to browser.

It is necessity for any website. It is the physical location of your website on the Internet. They also manage the technology that make your website connect to the Internet.

Web hosting is typically measured in the amount of disk you need to store your data. It also measured according to the amount of bandwidth you require to access your data.

Web hosting is basically a space which is allotted to you on server to store your website data. Every hosting company requires your domain name to host website. If you do not have a domain name then they help you to purchase one.

Type of Web Hosting Services :

There are different types of web hosting services, they all serve differently according to the need of a website. It is important for a user to understand what type of hosting they require.

Following are some type of web hosting :

  • Shared Hosting : In Shared Hosting, your website is hosted on a server shared by other website.
  • Dedicated Hosting : In Dedicated Hosting, the entire web server is used by a single website. It has all the access to the same server. It is much faster than any other type of hosting.
  • Cloud Based Web Hosting : This hosting is new hosting technology. It lets hundreds of individual server to work together so that it look likes a giant server. This type of hosting is able to handle the large amount of traffic at same time.
  • Website Builder : This type of hosting are helpful for those who are just a beginner who need to host a website.

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What is an Email Marketing API ( Application Programming Interface ) ?

When you are building a software application that need to send emails, an automated performance report, an eCommerce site that sends transactional messages to customers. Use of an email marketing API is very essential.

Email is one of the most effective and direct form of communication in businesses. It is to get in touch with their customers. Email marketing service providers like, migomail, mailcot. Many platforms are right hand of business for being able to send bulk emails to large groups and being able to know the whole metrics of emails.

What is an API ?

  • API stand for ” Application Programming Interface” . In other words, it simply refers to number of methods by which the developers can access the different functionalities or areas of a software application using code.
  • It is basically a support to access to the functionality available in email platform. For instance, generating and sending transactional emails, manipulating templates, and enabling access to email metrics.

Email API

  • While many applications use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) support for sending and managing emails. But developers can leverage an email platform’s APIs to get programming access to basic email sending . Similarly there are some  other additional capabilities which are not offered by legacy protocols.
  • An email API is a modern method  to access many kind of metrics.
  • For instance, number of  messages delivered, rejected by ISP ( Internet Service Providers) and the reason behind this. In addition, exact number of recipients opened a message and click on its link. These all are accessible.

Importance of API 

API,s or Application Programming Interface, are important tools for businesses in every industry. The importance of API’s from a technical viewpoint is that :-
  • It allows capability of one computer program to use with other.
  • It is a means through which two different programs are able to communicate with each other.
  • Enables companies to grow their business more quickly.
  • Like the web, which opened up the internet’s potential, API’s are driving a new trend of innovation centered on sharing services.


The main reason that it matters in today’s modern market is that it allows faster innovation, reduces barriers to change .In addition, more people can contribute to organization’s success. They offer benefits company can create better products and they make modernization easier. Having a presence on more platforms means that companies can sell more ad space.

Needs of Email Marketing

Needs of E-mail Marketing

When we talk about “Email Marketing” What does it means?

It is a buzz word which is used by many big industries to solve their marketing strategy. This is nothing but just a way of changing the way we do marketing. Through Email Marketing we can effectively implement the marketing technique by using promotional mails. E-mail Marketing took a major majority of marketing trends as well.

It is much compatible as compare to traditional marketing techniques. By using Email Marketing, we can easily reduce the cost of marketing and also can target our audience.

Following are some needs of E-mail Marketing for your business: –

  1. Cost Effective.
  2. It is much Faster than traditional marketing strategy.
  3. It is also Flexible.
  4. Target audience according to their geographical location, Age and many other factors.
  5. We can send the bulk mail to the certain set of people to engage them with our product or website.
  6. We can also reactivate our inactive customer by sending promotional mails.
  7. It has good conversion rate as compare to other marketing trends.
  8. It is also Measurable.

Even if a person is not on any social media platform, it must be on email if he/she use internet. So, the quantity of consumer increases as compare to social media platform.

Another benefit of email marketing is that it’s incredibly easy to track your ROI. Everything is track able with the use of email marketing software so you can determine who is opening your emails, who is clicking onto your site through your emails, and more.

Email Marketing is when you email it gets in your customers in boxes. Then it’s up to you to make sure you are sending things your customers want to receive. If you want to engage with your customer personally than nothing is better than sending personal mails to your customer. And we all know nothing is better than building personal relation with customer to grow your business.

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Email marketing tools

Email Marketing tools
                                                             Email Marketing tools


Choosing right and effective email marketing tool or website will lead to good marketing of the business and impact to right consumers at right time.

Email marketing tools is one of the most cost effective tool for the small and new star business, So they give full control and establish direct contact with the customers.

Email marketing is the highly effective digital marketing strategy which help to do marketing 24/7, So it can target big market size all the time.

In digital marketing email marketing which lead and generate full information regarding to the business product and services to provide bulk email services to customer so they can get good information.

But a good email marketing should consider information which help customer to know what type of product, service and quality a business provide so they can easily response to the mail.

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Important thinks for email marketing

  • Target right audience and segment.
  • Email include right content regarding product and service.
  • Use right language according to target area.
  • Define your goals.
  • Send mobile friendly email.
  • Create a good and effective business plan for email marketing.

Benefits of email marketing

  • Cost effective.
  • Target large number of consumer with email marketing.
  • To provide bulk email services.
  • Email marketing ties all marketing strategy together.
  • Help to contact with the core customers.

How to choose good email marketing tools

  • choosing tool for email marketing according to the customer base and hassle free solution for managing valuable contact and customer data.
  • Response handling according to the sent email and response of the customers.
  • Tool which can generate high number of sales by reaching consumer and response at a time duration.
  • Email marketing consider good data base and segment.
  • create customer satisfaction form to get a good and effective response.

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What are Promotional emails ?

What are Promotional Emails ?

Promotional  emails are basically commercial broadcasts that usually offers incentives to drive sales and revenue to the business. Main objective of this type of marketing is to convince target audience to make a purchase. These are also used to convince customers to download, subscribe or to register for a service.

When this type of marketing executed with perfection this helps businesses to increase sales and revenue. And it also increase its customer retention and engagement, which automatically results in customer satisfaction, increase sales and revenue.

So, the design and content of promotional emails should focus on persuading the potential candidate to take action within a specified period of time. The primary focus of promotional mails is to get the word out of the potential customers about your product or service.

Promotional emails are of many types , some of the common types are discount coupons, invitations for visit etc.

To write successful email one should be very particular about some factors .These factors are as follows:

  • Personalize the email– Email should be of customers point of view, marketers must stick to the topic . Emails must not be duplicate or rather than sending mass mail marketers must focus on the subject or interest of the customer. It can be more better with candidates name at first.
  • Keep it concise but powerful When a recipient clicks on the email, so its the duty of the marketer to frame the email that will grab the attention of the person. Email must be short,relevant and strong which is easy to understand, means language should not be technical, it should be easy-to-understand.
  • Focus on a singular message–  Having more than one message makes your email less effective. Use words and actions that prompt action. Active calls to actions can increase click through and lead to sales.
  • Make the email mobile friendly–  A large percentage of target audience will read most of the emails on their mobile phones. Including subheadings, images, lists etc will enable the subscribers to gasp information more accurately.
  • Re-check your content

What to put in your Promotional mails:

  • a sender’s name
  • an attractive subject line                         
  • main message
  • calls to action

To send promotional emails to get best results from the messages send, marketers must test their product or service in the market and target their potential customers.

migomail. Continue reading “What are Promotional emails ?”