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Difference between Marketing Email and Transactional Email

Transactional emails are a big buzzword in the world of eCommerce. They’re emails you hardly notice or pay attention to, but if they don’t exist, we immediately suspect something is wrong. But they’re not your regular marketing emails. There’s a huge difference between a marketing email platform like Mailigen and a transactional email platform like […]

4 Steps to Promoting Your Blog With Email Marketing

Typically the blog promotion process looks something like this: blogger writes and publishes a blog on the company website, posts are shared in social channels, and if there is space, certain posts are featured in newsletters. Blogger waits for Google to index blog, and hopes for a favorable position on the search results page. And […]

Top 8 Email Marketing Tips for Financial Services

Savings accounts, credit cards, loans – well these aren't kinds of words that excite everyone. Rather finance is considered boring by many. However content can help to make things interesting for financial service providers. Content makes it easier to connect with customers and assisting in their journey with your business through emails. Planning an email [...]

Use Countdown Timer for Emails to drive urgency

Countdown Timer is a live updating timer you can add in your email. A countdown timer for emails uses features that make it easy for marketers to create a sense of urgency for limited time offers. Also, it let subscribers know exactly how long they have to take action. It's simple to use, super-fast and [...]

HTML vs Plain text Emails: Which is Best?

If you want the best email deliverability results, an email marketer should choose which format will best suit the intended purpose and Audience. HTML vs Plain Text Emails which is better? This debate has been ongoing in the online marketing world for years now. In this article, we'll provide an overview of HTML and plain [...]

8 Types of Emails you must use for your Business

How often do you send emails to your users, clients, or customers? But do you know what they want or need? And how do you know what types of emails people want? If you use content to generate new leads, want to sell the solution and teach your customers some new best practices. What's the [...]

6 ways to Build Email List to get new Subscribers

Email Marketing is highly impactful, low-cost way of delivering your marketing messages to current customer and prospects. It helps you to build a relationship with your customers. For running a successful email marketing campaign, you just need to have a great email list. However, if you don't have a list then this article is for [...]

Steps to Create Email Newsletter for Blog

Do you want an Email Newsletter for your Blog? An Email Newsletter helps you to stay in touch with your users, bring them back to your website and convert them into customers. When many Beginners find it difficult to start with an email newsletter. Mainly because they feel that it would be technical or time-consuming. [...]

Reasons Why Blog Needs Email Newsletter

Do you Email your blogs to readers regularly? If, yes then what are the ways you do email your blog to readers in the form of text or by Email Newsletter. In this article, I am here to discuss a few points about why your Blog needs Email Newsletter. You might think that email is [...]

A Comprehensive Guide for Email Marketing Hotels

The hotel industry is one of the most competitive businesses. Effective Marketing is essential for the success of the hotel business. But unlike, any other business hotels have less marketing budget. And simply throwing money won't deliver the key result unless you have the best strategy in place. That's why Email Marketing for hotels is [...]