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Email Marketing- Pros and Cons of Email Marketing

Many of the Industries now a days using Email Marketing services for the Promotion of their product or services. But some people think that the technique of Email Marketing is dead now a days. Because due to the Pay per Click (PPC) and video advertisement has consume large portion of digital marketing budget for business.

So it might be the wrong assumption of people that the Email Marketing is dead. If you look at the conversion rate of Email Marketing has 6.01% compare to Social Media 1.09% according to those stats.

Email Marketing is the better way to reach out your target Audiences. Although there could be cons with the Email Marketing. But if it is done correctly than it is more effective not to reach out new people or targeted audiences but it can increase the ROI for your business.

In this Article we will be discussing about the Pros and Cons of the Email Marketing Services which we discuss later on. And for those who are not aware of the concept of Email Marketing. So first we will be discussing the concept of Email Marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the act or technique of sending commercial messages to a group of people via Email. In simple terms we could say that it is the Marketing of your product or services by sending an Email.

In our day to day life we are receiving many Emails related to Email Marketing like the promotion, launching and new arrivals of product and services that we have received till date. Also it is used for sending the Email Newsletter for their targeted Audience to keep them aware about the new updates of the Business is offering.

Email Marketing is the best and affordable of promoting a product if it is done in a right way. In the next paragraph we will be discussing about it’s pro’s and con’s of Email Marketing.

Pros And Cons of Email Marketing

Through this above given paragraph will let you know about the Pros and cons Email Marketing.


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